Estate Jewelry

Lasting treasures. Timeless design.

Are you looking to wear a little piece of history? Exquisite and from another era, our estate collection features a variety of pieces dating back many years.  Estate jewelry is a term used to describe previously owned jewelry. Many of our pieces have been acquired from estates or jewelry we’ve purchased as antique or vintage in nature.  Jewelry is considered antique if it is 100 years or older. Vintage jewelry includes several decades and eras.

If you love history or simply great values, you’ll find exceptional estate and pre-owned jewelry at prices well below their value.  Here are some of the most popular styles:


Georgian Jewelry is opulent, ornate and regal and was created during 1714-1837. Styles range from Neoclassical to Gothic. Georgian pieces are extremely rare today.


The Victorian Era (circa 1837-1901) was named for Queen Victoria of England. Jewelry from this era is exquisite, reflecting the Queen’s changing tastes.


Jewelry from this era (circa 1890-1910) is typically soft and somewhat mystical. Art Nouveau jewelers thought of themselves as artists and paid particular attention to craft beautiful settings.


Edwardian pieces date back to 1901-1920. Pieces are both elegant and graceful. It was common during this era to design jewelry using filigree techniques which gives the jewelry a wonderful lacy look.


Art Deco describes jewelry from 1920 – 1930. It is stylish, fun and generally will include bright color gemstones and geometric patterns indicative of the Roaring 1920’s


The Retro era is Circa 1930-1950. Pieces are bold and a little more glitzy. With Hollywood in its golden age, these pieces are typically bigger and larger-than-life.

At Robert’s Fine Jewelry, we are dedicated to preserving these treasures and providing you a piece you might pass on for future generations.

If you have pieces you would like to consign, please see or contact us for details.